Areas of Expertise:

- Water Rights: Assist clients in acquiring, changing, and protecting their water rights; counsel clients through the water court process; negotiate settlements; and litigate contested matter.

- Ditch Companies: Counsel clients regarding appropriate legal entities; draft governing documents; assist and advise on all water, real property, and corporate matters.

- Contracts: Draft and review contracts for a variety of matters, such as real estate transactions, water delivery, and general matters.

- Real Property Transactions: advise and counsel private and corporate clients through real estate transactions; review and analysis legal documents encumbering properties and affecting title; draft contracts, deeds, promissory notes, and deeds of trust.

- Easements: assist clients in negotiating, drafting and creating easement; review and evaluate express easements, prescriptive easements, easements by necessity, and implied easements; litigate easement disputes.

- Land Disputes: counsel clients through land disputes; assist in negotiating settlements; litigate contested matters.

- Land Use and Development: assist clients in obtaining land use approval from governmental entities; review and revise land use and development agreements.

- Common Interest Communities: represent both associations and property owners; draft governing documents; advise on disputed matters; litigate contested issues.

- Public and Quasi Public Entities: represent irrigation districts, special districts, and governmental authorities; draft resolutions and contract, advise and counsel though day to day matters.